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Why On-the-Job Training is the Future

Rosemarie Christopher, Founder

Trish Nunez, Coordinator

Within this generation, Pre-Apprenticeships; Apprenticeships and Incumbent Worker

Apprenticeships are rapidly becoming the preferred career pathways, for newer workers to attain

the training, skills and higher paying science, technology, engineering, and math opportunities,

in the Life Sciences industries.


In the Food and Dietary Supplement Industry, the Food SMART Strategies International, (FSSI),

learnings and ‘on the job’ paid training offerings specifically on the requirements of the Food

Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) ensure professional job status and opportunities to current

and future generations of Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), Compliance and

Safety Officers. These individuals, implement in real time, various provisions of the FSMA law

while modeling a culture of compliance, quality and safety whether for food testing labs;

growers; processors; and manufacturers, ensuring continuous improvement, sustainable growth;

and profitability.


Over eight years and almost 100 graduated Apprentices, lessons learned and best practices have

emerged. Apprenticeships for the preparation of individuals for the higher skills jobs around

Compliance, Food Safety and Quality, are the first of their kind. Often the best served are the

underrepresented sectors in the food industry, namely, smaller companies and their workers.


Like all employers these days, finding skilled workers is a real challenge and yet thru this

Apprenticeship effort, smaller food industry employers may be eligible for their own Document

Control Systems Coordinator, usually a document control coordinator apprentice. The ideal

scenario is that this person would come from an enterprise’s own worker ranks, perhaps a trusted

longer term employee, who with this program may find their way into a higher skills, higher

paying role in the company, perhaps changing their and their family’s fortunes and future.


FSSI Foundation funding targets and focuses the entire learning process, which allows the

individual to acquire, over time, all the certifications* used in their branch of the food or dietary

supplement industry. Simultaneously, the food enterprise is ensuring compliance to the FSMA

law, improving their documentation processes, and thru offering food industry professional

development, modeling a culture of food safety and quality. This is a sure ‘win’ for all, in

around and touched by the enterprise.


*NOTE: All acquired certifications go with the individual earning them, even when funded by

the FSSI Foundation or their Host or Employer Food Company!

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