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Food Smart Strategies International, raises funds for our apprenticeship programs. Many of the funds come from grants we win throughout the year. 

Once we get approval for a grant we need to act quickly. Those we have already talked to are the first people we interview. What this means for you, is apply now.

If you want more information about our apprenticeship program and what schools we work with, click the button below.

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We have teamed with Tech Schools, Colleges, and Universities to work with those who want a career in the Food Industry. Whether you are a front line worker in fast food, work the kitchen in a restaurant, or work in a factory, we want to see you succeed. 

In today's' world a career in food is not just working in a kitchen as chef.  Do you work at a fast food restaurant? From the cashier to the cooks you all work in food.  And all employees need to understand the importance of food safety and culture to keep you customers safe.

In the Kitchen
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