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Food Safety and Compliance
at Your Fingertips

Food SMART Strategies

Compliance laws have become more complicated. You need a simpler and less time-consuming way to meet compliance requirements AND be open for business.  Food SMART Strategies has created a one-of-a-kind app that lets you stay on top of compliance requirements everyday without having to rush to get paperwork when it's time for your audit.

Our app content was created by our audit team to help you and your team easily stay on top of the requirements. From daily information to quarterly reports, we make it easy on your management teams to quickly gather data.

You are a busy business owner. You have been notified of an impending state inspection. Now you have to prep for all the auditors needs while running your business. Where do you start?

What We Do

Audit Prep

Self-Directed Learning and Training

Automated Document Control Systems

We help you prepare for your audit. You need this process to be as smooth as possible and we can help take the stress out of the situation.

We have a training app to be used by your employees. Our app will will keep track of the necessary documentation needed for audits. We use the state of California's laws and guidelines to determine what to track. This covers their training path plus certifications and badges they have earned.

We can also digitize your paper reports and forms to create an electronic records management system. 

Food Safety Culture

We help small businesses in the food industry understand the importance of a culture for food safety training and career pathways.


Small businesses in the food industry struggle to stay compliant while maintaining their love of food and business. We want to show small businesses how to positively promote food safety culture through training which helps them stay within compliance guidelines.

But we can take this one step further.

We are working with technical colleges and universities to provide classes and training for careers in Food Safety. Our students are eligible for pre-apprenticeships to apprenticeships, as well as internships to job placement.

Our Expertise

We are an experienced team of professionals. Our strategic services meet the needs of all different levels of clients; from Startups to Small Businesses to Large Firms. We have a proven track record of delivering lasting changes with measurable growth.​

We have 30 years of service to Quality and Regulatory Compliance professionals. This level of subject matter expertise uniquely qualifies us to offer Audit Prep Services to the food, dietary supplement, agriculture and seafood industries.


Our Work Falls into Our Acronym for SMART:

Please get in touch with us today to learn how Food SMART Strategies can help your future success.


Your business needs to create a food safety culture that is sustainable for years to come. We can help you through new business strategies and ultra-efficient work processes.  But you also need engaged staffing committed to a safe environment for themselves and guests.

  • Staffing: Leaves of absence and vacancies can be staffed until a permanent solution is found. We have a range of professionals from entry-level to former SVPs of QA/QC/RA.​

  • Permanent Placement: Nationwide Food SMART Strategies has over 9000 Quality Control & Quality Assurance professionals in our network including over 4700 that have officially registered with us as candidate.

Measurable Data

If your company is going to move forward and continue to grow you need data that gives you accurate and implementable goals. 

Affordable Audit Readiness

Is the process of getting ready for an audit months before it happens. You want a system in place to help make audits go as seamlessly as possible. In order to make that happen you need an auditor.

  • ​Independent Auditors: Our network includes 709 Certified Quality Auditors (CQAs).​

  •  Free Apprentice Auditors : Apprentices are paid for by our program, through a grant, including benefits (health, workers comp, 401K etc…), which are all taken care of by Food SMART Strategies.

  • You can hire the apprentice after the first year without a conversion fee.

  •  Food SMART Strategies can provide an experienced Quality Auditor to mentor the apprentice.

Reliable Documentation Services

Documentation is the key to success. 

Timely Results

Compliance doesn't stop because of illness. You need a dependable team to help you get the results so you can move forward and make changes.

Join Food SMART Strategies

You want to change the food industry?

Get in touch with us and come share your passion and knowledge! 

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